Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mark Ashley - New Music FOX>DANCE!

(c)2005 Music Sternchen Records

I came across his music by mistake today. So visted his URL and wow what a talent, his latest single is "If you love me" from his latest CD "Luckystar"


01. Luckystar 02. Little Lady Love Me 03. Higher Than Heaven 04. Run For Cover 05. Never Lie To Me 06. To The Moon And Back 07. Save Me (Don't Break Me) 08. Undying 09. I Can't Live Without You 10. Greatest Love 11. Life 12. Your Love Is My Love 13. Luckystar (Another Vision Mix) 14. Run For Cover (Weatherstorm's Sign Of Life Remix) 15. I Can't Live Without You (Weatherstorm's Sunlight Remix) 16. Never Lie To Me (Dick's Vegas Remix) 17. Undying (Instrumental Version)

Luckstar is the start up track awesome music :).This man deserves to have his music in any Les Mills International class. :) Life is such an uplifting track - Run for Cover is just tops.

What a voice and what a awesome artist :)

Listen to his gear please :)

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)

Bodypump 56 11 weeks on moving onto Bodypump 57!

Sometimes you have a release which you really appreciate and I guess the 50's series of Bodypump is exceptional.

Every Bodypump Michael explores different themes and options and music for programme. I guess Bodypump 56 is a "Party Mix."

Music wise the tracks are outstanding as usual from Michael, as this is his second last release ever.

I am celebrating this release and the next one Bodypump 57 for that reason. It is a time to step back and just cherish what Michael has delivered in the last number of releases.

Bodypump has come along way since the 90's under his vision - choreography and also product management. The success of Bodypump can be attributed to the massive efforts of Michael and what he has choreographed over the years. Each release he has choreographed is 100 % flawless. The music chosen for this release is an example of that.

How he has chosen the music for this release shows that Bodypump 56 will go down as one of the best ever Bodypump releases ever. From the drifting "I Believe" which landscapes the feel of the release to Voodoo child where he explores a harder optioned Bodypump with a hard squat track to the infectious "She Drives me Crazy" You then drift into "Why" which is a celebration of a truly remarkable back track with a awesome party feel to it, as you are taken on a awesome back track journey to the ultimate back and gluteals/hamstrings exercise. Then you are taken on a hypnotic triceps journey with "kickbacks" where the music celebrates with "Gonna Make You Sweat" exercising the biceps, then you drift into Tina Cousins power lunge track the ultimate dance track "Wonderful Life" moving into "I feel the Way" that powers up the shoulders for an awesome workout, then you cruise into "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" with the best choice of ab exercises, finally you drift away to "Angles" with Robbie Williams for the best set of stretches after the workout in "Bodypump 56"

What more can you possibly ask for?

Still as good as the day it was released on the 12th November 2005.

An awesome release and in 12 days comes the next chapter "Bodypump 57" :)

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)


© 2005 Universal

Razorlight are taking off bigtime around the world, their CD "Up all Night" is outstanding :)

Somewhere else - Golden Touch and Vice are hits from the CD :)


1. Leave Me Alone 2. Rock N Roll Lies 3. Vice 4. Up All Night 5. Which Way Is Out 6. Rip It Up 7. Don't Go Back to Dalston 8. Golden Touch 9. Stumble and Fall 10. In the City 11. To the Sea 12. Fall, Fall, Fall 13. Somewhere Else

Learn more about them at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razorlight

Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)

Michael Tolcher

© 2004 Octone

Michael released this CD in 2004.

I love the music of Michael Tolcher :) check his website where you can hear his awesome music :).


1. Mission Responsible 2. Sooner or Later 3. No One Above 4. The Sun Song 5. Bad Habits 6. This Is What I Mean By That 7. I Am 8. Taxi Ride Kinda Night 9. Kiss and Tell 10. Miracle 11. Kings in Castles 12. Waiting

If you love Green Day - Snow Patrol and Zinc then the music of Michael will wash over you :) Bad Habits is a wonderful song :).

Enter the world of Michael Tolcher :)


Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Maintenance today!

Sorry about the site being off line for about 4 hours today. I had some maintenance to do :)

Searching this blogger!

Just discovered this.

At the top of the blogger is the blogger strap.

You can use that to search this blogger about any of the releases - names of tracks - artists etc....

I use it alot to locate information here myself :)

Judy Torres

© 2006 Robbins

Faithfully was a hit for mega group "Journey" well Judy has redone the song and it is awesome.

Check her URL NOW

Make it your wish to make her single number one.


Can someone please put her music on Bodypump!



© 2005 Def Jam
Check out a new singer called Rihanna on her site you can hear her gear.


Enjoy :)

Racel Penay

Racel's music is awesome :)

She is progressive trance she is a native of Washington DC in the USA and is taking on the club scene all over the world. Shine In is an outstanding trance song and would suit Bodypump to a T :) Check out her gear at her URL below.

Current Hits :-

· I still believe....
· Back to love....
· The walk of shame....
· Shine on....
· You make me feel


Check her out :) Racel Penay is trance perfection :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Spoiler Site Launched on the 4th February 2004

Bodypump® 57 - Bodypump® 58 - Bodypump® 59 - Bodypump® 60
On the 4th February 2004 a mirror site will be attached to this site, it will contain spoiler information on Bodypump 57 and the release.

The reason is that I have had some feedback from people visting the site that they would like the spoiler information on the current releases off the site which adds to the excitement factor.

So a "Spoiler Site" was established.

If you want to know whats comming up then visit the "Spoiler" site. The site is linked back to here.

After the initial releases around the world the information will be moved back here.

The site is connected to this one.

So come back on the 4th February when the mirror site is launched.

Exciting Emily Williams news!

Emily Williams was runner up on Australian Idol.

According to Emily via her fansite which I am a member of announced the following:

"Her debut single will be "I'm every woman" from her debut CD.

That is a huge relief for us her fans :)

Getting ready for Pink 2006!

On the 4th April 2006 "Pink" is releasing her new CD called "I'M Not Dead" from the CD comes the single "Stupid Girls" which was on wolrd exclusive on Video Hits today and wont be released until Monday 30th January 2006. ]

Track List

Stupid Girls - Cuz I Can - You And Your Hand - Long Way To Happy - Who Knew - Nobody Knows - Dear Mr. President - I Have Seen The Rain - I'm Not Dead - Conversations With Myself - Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

Pink was featured in 3 Bodypumps the first time in release 38 with a awesome ab track and then in release 39 with Lady Marmalade and then the triceps killer Get the Party Started which is one darn good workout from release 42.

Bodypump Discography:

BODYPUMP™ 38 - 09. Most Girls Pink
BODYPUMP™ 39 - 09. Lady Marmalade Christina Aguilera/Lil'Kim/Mya/Pink
BODYPUMP™ 42 - 05. Get The Party Started Pink

If you love Pink then the new CD is widely anticipated. Lets hope that Pink makes a comeback to Bodypump :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Default Anyone!

Check them out please awesome :)

All is forgiven is their latest release :) They just get better each release :)


Check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/defaultcanada

Will write more latter on them :)

T- Pain I'm Sprung

© 2005 Jive Records (USA)

Check out T Pain and I'm Sprung a great track currently 51 on the Mexican Top 100 :)

1. Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro)
2. I'm Sprung
3. I'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper) - (with Mike Jones)
4. Studio Luv
5. U Got Me - (with Akon)
6. Let's Get It On
7. Como Estas - (with Taino)
8. Have It (Interlude)
9. Fly Away
10. Going Thru A Lot - (with Bone Crusher)
11. Say It
12. Dance Floor - (with Tay Dizm)
13. UR Not The Same
14. My Place
15. Blow Ya Mind
16. Ridge Road
17. I'm Hi - (with Styles P)
18. I'm Sprung 2 - (featuring Trick Daddy/YoungBloodz)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bodypump 57 Update!

I have been working on the material for Bodypump 57. It is the longest artist - music review ever, I kid you not.

The poster for Bodypump 57 will be bundled in the review of Bodypump 57 on that date.

Also as of Bodypump 57 I am adding Video Watch where you can watch the videos of the artists featured in Bodypump 57. That should be exciting.

Also, adding more hyperlinks and also more interactivity to the review as well.

So come back on the 4th February for "Bodypump 57 - Pump It"


Les Mills Annual Superworkshop 2006!

Below are details of Filex 2006 and the Sydney NSW Superworkshops where you can see the Les Mills International Team and their International Trainers.

There you can do Bodypump 58 - Bodybalance 33 and the latest classes from Les Mills International.


The booking sheet is in the Filex 2006 catalogue.

Book Now to confirm your place at the workshop!

Bodypump 58 Felix 2006 22/4/2006

If you are in Sydney for Felix you get to see Bodypump 58 ahead of everyone else at Felix 2006.

The presenters are:

Tommy K - Michelle Bridges and Karen Rusell.

So if you want to be there contact The Australian Fitness Network.

See you there :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Australia :)

Australia is 216 years old since "The First Fleet" arrived 26th January 1788 mine arrived then :)

Welcome the 14,000 people who became Australian Citizens today :)

Congratulations to all who won awards in the Australian Days Honours Lists.

Check out www.google.com.au :)

Everwood Today :) Bodypump 55 :)

On Everwood today I heard track 7 from Bodypump 55 "As the Rush Comes" - Motorcycle.

If you have a song on Everwood then you are here and now!

Michael certainly knows his music and track 7 from Bodypump 55 is one outstanding Bodypump release and one of Michaels finest track 7's ever :)

Here is the URL for Motorcycle: http://www.motorcycleband.com/

and http://www.gabrielanddresden.com/

Way to go Bodypump 55 and Michael J McSweeney :) for selecting that track as a track 7 :)


Chris Brown Re-visited Number 1 in Australia Yes!

Chris Brown was featured on this site:


Well that was way back in September 2005, after 4 months he has achived the number 1 position in Australia.

ARIA Top 50 Singles - 23/01/2006

1-NEW 1 RUN IT! Chris Brown 1st week in and 1st week at number one!

We can pick our music here :)

That song would rock in Bodypump as a track 9 or in Bodyjam :)

One can hope :)

Kurtis Parks!

© 2005 Kurtis Parks (Exclusive)

Why do I put music here on the site? Music is awesome and should be shared and I guess that's why? I also think that guys like Kurtis are really outstanding performers as well :) and guys like Kurtis have great music as well and I want to share what I find with everyone :)

Kurtis Parks was in American Idol he never made the top 12. This did not stop Kurtis, he now has his first solo CD called "Something for Everyone" which has "Never Be" - "Save You" and "For You"


Something For Everyone

1. Never Be 2. Save You 3. Lonely Streets 4. Find Myself 5. Lights at the airport 6. What would I Do 7. For You 8. Fond Memory 9. Deep into the Forest (instrumental)

Check Purevolume for more on him:
Enjoy :)

© 2005 Kurtis Parks (Exclusive)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brooke White WOW!

 © 205 brookewhite.com

Every so often comes an artist whos music defines good music and Brooke White does that. Brooke has released her debut CD "Songs from the Attic"

Check out her URL: http://www.brookewhiteonline.com/

and her space at: http://www.myspace.com/brookewhite

Now thats what I am talking about!

Brooke White will rock your world in 2006 :)

For the very first time ever Jordan Johnson!

Jordan is from Florida this is his first ever CD which is by no means a small effort.

On the 16th January Jordan released his first ever CD called "On My Own"

Track Listings

1. The Same Thing 2. Leaving It All Behind 3. What You Give 4. Once Again 5. It’s Gone 6. On My Own 7. Out Of My Mind 8. Celebrity 9. Movin’ On 10. Over You 11. Get With Me

Check his myspace at: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=6972

or his URL at: http://www.jordanjohnson.com/ for samples of his music.

Jordan is touring the Florida area promoting the CD and eventually will take it nationally.

Please check his music out :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Favorites List!

This time I stuck to the regulation mixing structure :)

Using from "Bodypump 50" through to "Bodypump 56"

01. Rise Safari - Duo
02. Run to You - Novaspace
03. Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx
04. Slave to the Music - Nick Skitz
05. Jump (For my Love.) - Girls Aloud
06. Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
07. Try - Ivan Van Dal
08. I Get Up - INXS
09. Left Outside Alone - Anastasia
10. Vedi, Maria - Emma Shapplin

That is one awesome Bodypump Mix :)

Thats same old feeling Bodypump 40 and now Bodypump 56 :)

The tracks just grows and grows on me.

One shock is that "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" is that I love that song more and more each time and when it blends in with "Angel" by Robbie Williams makes a really nice ending to "Bodypump 56"

If you have done:

Bodypump 56:

9 BP 56 Do you really want to Hurt Me, Blue Lagoon
10 BP 56 Angels, Robbie Williams

Bodypump 40:

9 BP 40 Have you ever seen the Rain Inner Circle
10 BP 40 We are the champions Robbie Williams.

You get the same vibe and feeling from that combination as well. It is kind of like Dejavu I had the same feeling back then with Bodypump 40 and also now with "Bodypump 56"

The tracks have the same feel and vibe the passion is still there and will never change after all these years :)

Awesome stuff :)

Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates!

Watching the DVD for the Bodypump 56 I could not get over the fun factor of the track and the way the track is presented.

Michael was funny as ever and the presenters behind him were a total blast.

Thats what Bodypump is all about.

If you check the cover to the release on the back is Michael presenting with them.

That was the most fun I have seen on a DVD/Video besides Michael and Ruthie on the video for PUMP 23.

Awesome work :)

Shannon Cleary comes to our 1/4!

I am so excited to finally have Shannon Cleary present at our 1/4 I hope she is presenting with Tommy K with Bodypump 57 that would be so cool.

Shannon appeared on "Big Brother 2003 the very first one seen on Australian TV"

Shannon appeared on:

Bodypump 49: Michael J Mc Sweeney, Shannon Cleary and Nic Farmer (International.)
Bodypump 49: Michael J Mc Sweeney, Shannon Cleary and Nic Farmer (Australia.)

Now looking forward to seeing her in person present a class :)

Justin Timberlake Summer 2006 Solo Release!

According to Justin himself Summer 2006 he is going to release his 2nd Solo CD.

Waking Ashland

© 2005 Water Music Recorders

Composure is their latest offering from 2005.

Track Listing:

1. Shades of Grey2. I Am For You3. Rumors4. Edinger5. October Skies6. Let Go7. Hands On Deck8. Long Shot9. Silhouettes10. Same Problem11. Medication12. Overjoyed 13. Sing Me To Sleep

Waking Ashland is:

Jonathan Jones and Ryan Lallier

You can hear it on myspaces at:


Jupiter Sunrise

Bodypump 55!

Short and sweet.

Bodypump 55 is one awesome Bodypump.

The best music - exercises ever :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Go Go Go Garet Johnson American Idol Season 5!

All I have to say is Go Go Go Garet Johnson! :) He may be the next American Idol :)

He has his own space now: http://groups.myspace.com/GaretJohnsonFans

That little cowboy is going far!

Melissa O'Neil

© 2005 Sony/BMG Canada

Idol around the world is taking off bigtime and a whole lot of artists and music is coming out now.

Melissa won Canadian Idol and she was an outstanding performer last season :) Her debut CD is out and "Let It Go" is the first offering from her CD. Alive is her first single out. "Alive" is the second single out from her debut CD.

The video is at: http://www.melissaoneil.com/mo/multimedia-videos.html


01. Let It Go 02. String Me Along 03. Alive 04. Kiss Goodnight 05. Just Like January 06. Forget About It 07. Driving Blind 08. Speechless 09. Outside Looking In 10. Original Girl 11. I Won't Take You Back 12. Safe Place To Hide

Her space is at: http://www.myspace.com/melissaoneil

Enjoy :)

Rex Goudie Under the Lights!

© 2005 Sony/BMG Canada

Rex is an outstanding act. He is def one hot act :) check his bio at http://www.rexgoudie.com/bio.html

His debut CD is out now, I learned about him from a forum I am a member of where were talking about new music and his name was bought up. So I went to his site and had a listen to his music :) He was runner up at Canadian Idol.

Run is his first single out from his debut CD "Under the Lights"

Run is an awesome song and would def be a awesome track 10 in any Bodypump class :) You can hear Run at his site wow what a track man :) The best 3:30 I have spent listening to a single in a-while.

The tracks can be sample on his site.

Track Listing:

1. Drive 2. Lie Awake 3. Run 4. You Alone 5. Strong Enough 6. Call Your Name 7. Write It In Lightning 8. Who I Am 9. One True Summer Night 10. Stay 11. Whiskey Lullaby 12. Break The Silence

His Space:


Now supporting the Rex Goudie team :)

Bo Bice on Showtime and More!

If you are in the USA he is on Showtime Wed., Jan. 25 6:00 PM ET/PT.

Meanwhile you can hear the CD at:


Yes the whole complete CD :)

Join the Bice Army today :) I know you want to :)

From Caboolture - Queensland - Keith Urban!

© 2005 Capitol Records
Days Go By (c) 2005 Capitol Records Nashville USA

I never do a Country Release here, about to do two of the one is for Keith and the other is for Garth Brooks.

Keith is taking on the Billboard Music charts this week No 20 on the charts.

Keith is from Caboolture 1/2 way between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. He was born in Queensland Australia.

He has had 3 massive CD's. Be There Golden Road and Keith Urban. His previous hits are Somebody Like You, Whenever I Run, Jean On and many more.

Days Go By and Better Days are the current releases from his CD.


Days Go By - Better Life - Making Memories Of Us - God's Been Good To Me - The Hard Way - You're My Better Half - I Could Fly - Tonight I Wanna Cry - She's Gotta Be - Nobody Drinks Alone - Country Comfort - Live To Love Another Day - These Are The Days

Please check out the music of Keith Urban. If you go to his site you can check out the music from his past 2 CD's and the current one. Also check his bio from the site as well. Keith is def one hot performer :)

Check out: http://www.keithurbanfans.com/contents.html

Coming up "Garth Brooks - Special Hits Package"

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Deutsche Les Mills Site!

Guten tag,

Der neue deutsche Les Mills Bonsports auch ein neues Forum dort außerdem:)


Wenn Sie Deutsches bitte sprechen, sagen hallo zu den Halteseilen dort.

Neues Forum außerdem:


kia ora Bonsports Deutsche :)

TNT - 2005 Electro House Mix AC/DC!

There is a great mix of TNT - 2005 Electro House mix AC/DC. It is a 12" Vinyl Dance Mix of their music.

Heard it last night at the while out with a few friends. If you can get ahold of it please do so :)

Wicked music!

Shine - By Massive DJ Max Graham

© 2005 System Recordings

Shine by Max Graham is well worth listening to. The CD is packed with music from the DJ who bought "Owner of the Lonely Heart" last year.

The CD is packed with awesome music and well worth getting. It is in limited release so you might need to dig around for it.


1. Piece Process – Solar Myth 2. Marc O’Toole – It’s Our Future 3. Red and Blue – Quintos (Nowhere Mix) 4. Ultravision – Inner Earth 5. Stephane Malca – Revolution 6. Piece Process – New Driver 7. Sander Kleinenberg – Buenos Aires 8. Madoka – Altered 9. Madoka – Afterburner 10. Medway – Trauma (Inkfish)

The CD is packed with a massive list of artists. Check out anything by Stephane Malca and Sander Kleinenberg they are well worth listening to.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

4th February 2006

On the 4th February 2006 poster for Bodypump 57 and a full artist review will come.

By what the tracklist looks like expect a awesome release from Michael J McSweeney and the poster for this release is one of the best ever. I am also excited to see the artist at track 4 for Bodypump 57 and also excited to see what Michael does for track 8 in this release. I think I suggested track 8 for this release on the old music site?

Also a special retrospective of Michael J McSweeney!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Forum history way way back in 1999?

Been looking at a forum I joined in 1999 I guess it was the first Bodypump forum I joined and the old threads are still there. I was reading through them and thinking about all the people that posted there Rn - Mama - Lyn etc... I can't believe that the forum is still there and that the posts are still there and that it is like stepping back into time and reading what we wrote back in 1999.

It was good visting the old forum and I posted under one of the threads, I hope that someone in that thread is still registered and comes in and answers back, although it was in 1999 it would be funny if they came back and reposted under the thread we started in early 1999.

Lets hope they are still there :)

Awesome article on Les Mills Global Market Place in Group Fitness

Globalization: Embracing The Global Neighborhood
Part 2 of a 3 Part Series
By Mike Chaet


© 2000-2003 FitCommerce, Inc. All rights reserved.

An awesome Bio on Michael J McSweeney!

In 2005 Michael ventured to Russia to do a number of Bodypump Master Classes, while he was there her presented at the XI International Fitness ConventionWorld Class 2005 and this is a wonderful bio of Michael J McSweeney from that site.


Program Director for BODYPUMP, Mike McSweeney built his early reputation in multi-sport competition and squash and pursued his passion for super-fitness with the exercise-to-music programs imported into New Zealand by Phillip Mills.

Working as an instructor at the Les Mills club in Auckland, Mike is widely credited with the emergence of BODYPUMP as the world's single most popular group exercise program. Mike was also largely responsible for the creation of Les Mills' studio cycling program, RPM, for which he was Program Director through 25 quarterly releases. One of the towering figures of the fitness industry, Mike has set the standard for inspirational presentation of new generation group fitness classes.

© XI International Fitness ConventionWorld Class 2005
Michael J McSweeney Head Choreographer - Product Manager Bodypump

Workshop Dates USA!

We have our 1/4 workshops in February 2006. In the USA they are scheduled for March.

Check the following link please and make sure you book as spaces are still available.


Five Key Elements Update 1/2006 Releases!

There is a new five key elements from Les Mills International to all Instructors and Trainers. If you have a copy of "January Revolution 2006" turn to page 13. On the page there is an update for all Les Mills Instructors and should be read.


for updates :)

kia ora all :)

Current Revolution January 2006

If you have a copy of the current Revolution January 2006.

Spot Michael J McSweeney.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

76,000 Hits

Just looked and 76,000 hits. Thanks for everyone who comes here and reads what is here. When the site started in 2004 it was pretty much a tracklist site where people can see the tracklists. In January 2005 I decided to write here and see what comes from that. There are now close to over 400 entries and also tons of information about music I hear and find and the world of Bodypump the best fitness program out :) and additional information on Bodypump.

Thanks once again :)

Filming dates February 2006

On the side are the filming dates for the next round of releases due in May 2006. If you want to go please check with Les Mills World of Fitness Auckland before booking your flights to the classes as they may change.

Queensryche- Operation: Mindcrime II

On the 31st Mar 2006 they will release their new CD. I am a huge fan of Queensryche and love their music. There music is not for everyone I know. I got hooked on them with their 1990 smash hit "Silent Lucidity" which was a huge hit for the guys.

http://www.queensryche.com/releases/empire/index.html go to Empire 1990 and select "Silent Lucidity" which is an awesome hit I am so into their music :)

© 1990 Warner Brothers Germany

The first single out is "The Hands" which should be out in the middle of February 2006.

If you love hard core music then this is the group you need to hear :)

There new CD is hard core I would advise that if you don't like hard core music then please give them a miss.

Check their URL for updates: http://www.queensryche.com/ you can also watch and listen to all the guys hits and catch up with what's been happening with Queensryche.

Tamee Harrison

Short and sweet :)

Please check her website out :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pro - Instructors™ come to Australia and Asia Pacific!

In the current Revolution we have a new and exciting credential called a "Pro - Instructor™ " I am really excited about this I want to be a "Pro - Instructor™ " awesome work for Les Mills Australia and Asia Pacific.

Looking forward to that in 2006 :)

Pro-Instructor™ is © 2005 - 06 to Les Mills Asia Pacific™ and ™ to Les Mills Asia Pacific™

Les Mills USA/Canada's new Program Coach's!

Les Mills USA now have a new term called "Program Coach" thats an awesome term for what they do :)

Get to know the new national USA/Canada Team

If you want to know the new national team of presenters in the USA/Canada her it is:


kia ora to them and a warm welcome :)

The ground up .........

I have been on so many forums and webplaces over the last 5 years and just wanted to tell everyone about my personal experience of attending a Les Mills Bodypump class for the very first time and also some additional things.

1st get a Dr's clearance before attending any Group Fitness Class, discuss with the Dr what you are about to do and ask them if they should be doing a Group Fitness Class. The Dr would then do a medical examination and determine if there is anything wrong before you even start any physical activity.

If they give all the OK, then go to the gym and fill in the paperwork. Make sure that you tell me about your medical condition. It is very important to do this.

Undertake a postural assessment - ROM etc with a Qualified Personal Trainer to see if there is anything that might be an issue if you begin training or go to a Group Fitness Class. I hade some issues that needed to be fixed before I attempted weight training and the assessment will let you know if you have kyphosis or lordosis or sway back or if you have issues with spinal alingnment. This needs to be picked up at the begining if you train with any of these conditions and injure yourself then there is no going back, you need to be aware of any postural issues. It is that important.

They then can work with you on some initial training and recommend options for your training. Or perscribe alternate exercises or help with doing your exercises.

If it is something like Kyphosis or Lordosis then they can work with you to in identifying any special training requirements that you might need.

Next the gym program begins. By doing a gym program with a PT they can work on technique and also locate any special issues that you might have, they then can then work on problems with your squats or lunges etc.. you need to work on technique and it is better to start with a Personal Trainer and iron these issues out up from so that you do not develop bad habits that can carry on later on.

When you have done that book yourself into a technique class (Bodypump) They can work on the special requirements for you and also advise you on the structure of a Les Mills Class, weight selections, more technique lessons, and identify anything they might find wrong and correct it. The technique classes are also aimed at the season participant so that they can refocus on their technique as well. They are well worth doing.

Then the big day comes you do your first Les Mills Body (class) and you are prepared, you have some knowledge of your body - exercise execution - and know the basic names of the exercises which decreases the learning curve, you are now educated on exercises and how to do them and have the confidence to attend the classes in a safe manner.

You then have a foundation to work with when you enter Bodypump, you know correct lifting technique, and know your limitations and your own physical boundaries.

Place yourself in the front row of the class always, make sure that you can see and hear the instructor and make them aware than you are new to the class, they can then spend some time looking at you in class and give you awesome coaching cues. If you don't get a move don't stress its OK to stop and watch what is going on. It is OK fo you to stop when you are tired in the begining and take the bar off and simply rest. Thats OK you will be able to in coming weeks have the endurance to finish that part of the class in your own time. If you experience pain the stop the exercise. It is important that you also tell them if you are pregnant or have any health issues prior to the class commencing.

After the class if you have anything that is or maybe of concern tell the instructor and they can work with you in that. They may have people coming in for the next class so arrange a time before the next class to see the instructor to work on anything that is not OK.

If you follow this then the you are on the right foot and can build on your knowledge about the classes you are taking :) and come to the classees and be prepared for the Bodypump experience and be a participant for a very long time.

Thats from my own personal viewpoint and I guess thats through my own personal Bodypump journey :)

Introducing Stephanie D

© 2005 Smd Lucky (Sony BMG)
Her URL:


Discovered Stephanie D wow she did a cover of Amy Grants song "If I Lay Me Down" from her current CD. Love her music will write more once I get a chance :)

Thats Why is her first single release from the current CD offering.


1.Fire 2.Truly Yours 3.I'm Good 4.Little Lies 5.It's Over 6.Long Red Road 7.What A Fool 8.That's Why 9.Walk This World 10.As I Lay Me Down 11.On A Secret Mission 12.Lonely Me 13.Walk This World (Unplugged)

This is her fan site and on her main site you can hear experts from her current releases :) in the music section. She sounds like Amy from Evanenscent.

Check her myspace as well: http://www.myspace.com/stephanied


Enter the world of Stephanie D

Enjoy :)

Would it be great if......

Would love to do a Bodypump release with every track from different languages around the world, that would be def a cool thing :)

Imagine Track 1 from Norway Track 2 from Sweeden Track 3 from Japan Track 4 from Africa Track 5 from Germany Track 6 from Spain Track 7 from Russia Track 8 from Italy Track 9 from Greece and Track 10 from Brasil :)

That would be one very cool Bodypump to do :)

New people to the classes!

Just a short note for the newer participants to a Bodypump Class please do the technique classes. Also if you are new to the classes please arrive 15 minutes before the class and talk to the instructor about being new.

Please also stay at the front of the class and insight of the instructor running the class as they can be easily in sight to help you with your technique and physical execution and make it a safe Bodypump class!

If you experience exhaustion please stop and restart the class at the next track!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Laura Branigan Site Update!

Clarrifcation to the post below the information represented.

I redirect all readers to the following URL:


There is a re-direction to: www.LauraBraniganOnline.com which is her official website for official information about Laura Branningan.

The material was removed due to information being presented.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The one and only Loona!

(c) loona.com

Those who are familiar with Bodypump 45 will be familiar with track 5 "The Boys of Summer" well the singer in that track is Loona and she is one of DJ Sammy's singers that have appeared on his current "The Rise" and his past CD which featured "The Boys of Summer" and "4 BP 44 Heaven DJ Sammy". Loona has her own recordings and she is an outstanding solo act.

(c) Les Mills International

(Cover Steven Renata - Master Trainer Les Mills International.)

Bodypump 45:

1 BP 45 Light my fire Jackie 'O'
2 BP 45 Make yo Body Pump Dix
3 BP 45 You Need Me Boyzone
4 BP 45 When I close my Eyes E - Type
5 BP 45 Boys of Summer DJ Sammy featuring Loona!
6 BP 45 Dirrty Christina Aguilera
7 BP 45 Ganbareh Sash!
8 BP 45 Be Cool Paffendorf
9 BP 45 Complicated Avril Lavigne
10 BP 45 One Last Breath Creed

Bodypump 45 is a classic Bodypump, every track is outstanding - every rep - exercise - stretch is perfection and every single moment with "Bodypump 45" should be cherished. I will go as far as saying "NEVER MIX EVER" "Bodypump 45". IMO!

Check out "Rise Again" that says Bodypump all over it :) on her site.

I love the music of Loona Tears in Heaven and Oye EL Boom are wonderful songs.

When you hear "Tears in Heaven" it is one of the best songs ever. You just want to play it forever.

Tears in Heaven is a remake of Eric Claptons hit. She also remade Rythym of the Night as well.


Her site has tons of wonderful music. I have been a fan of Loona's for a very long time and her music is just the best to listen to, if you know Loona and her music then you know that she has been around since the late 90's. Late Last year she released Oye EL Boom which is a complete 360 to "Tears in Heaven" her site has tons to listen to.

Her music is in full blown enhanced stereo.

Check into the world of Loona and you will love her music :)

Enjoy :)

Reclaiming your body 2006 walking and running test!

Over the past week I have done a small and simple exercise and carried a walking and running calculator that tells me actually how much I walk and run a week well after doing this for the last week I have discovered that I have actually done in excess of 90 + kms doing this single activity, that is 90 kms actually walked or run over a single week.

Pretty remarkable!

So do yourself a favor next week measure how many kms - miles you actually walk and run in that week, you may be shocked!

So hows it going out there are you reclaiming your body after Christmas and the festive New Year. If you have slipped off the program then recomit yourself to your gym plan - aerobic activities and make the commitment over the coming month or so.

If you are wondering what to eat please talk to your gym and they can place you in contact with "Nutritionist" or tell you how you can do a program at your local facility to reduce your weight levels.

In the coming week I am going to put an ideal weeks activities for you to do that are achievable for you to loose weight.

Showing strength!

Been looking at the posters for the last couple of releases and have noticed one thing that the strength component (using the biggest) weights is missing. Occasionally I would like to see a poster with the instructors sweating - loading on the max weights that they can do and looking hard core.

That would be so cool to see a poster where instructors - master trainers are actually in a lunge or squat position with huge weights on massive sweating and teeth gritting.

I love the poster for Bodypump 43 and 44 are awesome they show the power and raw grunt of Bodypump :)

Michael J McSweeney - At his utmost best :)

Donna McCourt - Bodypump Perfection :)

The posters above are showing the power and strength of a Bodypump class. Michael and Donna are showing the pure strength of what Bodypump is all about using max weights and delivering real results. Being a role model is showing what you can do and aspire to seeing Donna and Michael do their thing on the posters makes people want to rush into the classes and try and be like Michael and Donna (who have taught me in a 1/4 masterclass.) I wanted to lift like Michael and do awesome technique like him and Donna, and lift as much as Michael and Donna and do what they do :) they make you want to push the boundaries and go beyond what is I am really capable of :)

Thats my ultimate role model Tommy K - Michael J Mc Sweeney and Donna Mc Court :) and when they come up to you and congratulate you on lifting and doing the best you can is inspiring in so many ways :)

But that's a personal view-point!

Using the Bench for Abdominal Work and Cool-down!

Many years ago and I am talking way back in the 1900's :) we used to use the bench in the last track for Bodypump I think thats a good idea, there are so many variations in stretches you can do with a bench, I can remember "Endless Love - Bodypump 35" we used the bench for that particular track.

It would be awesome if they could occasionally they could use or do a release that incorporates the bench either in track 9 or track 10. In Bodystep I can remember a number of times that we used a bench.

If you have ever done "Endless Love" - "Diana Ross and Lionel Richie" as a cooldown or done the track as an instructor you would know what I mean. I personally love the use of the bench for the last track and also would be a very happy Bodypump Instructor if the use of the bench was incorporated into the last two tracks.

Image the looks on those who insist on packing away the bench after track 8 and then have to go and get it for tracks 9 and 10 :)

I can remember as a participant wanting more of this type of stretch and it is a break from the traditional ones that we do in Bodypump since then.

So if you choreograph "Bodypump" and want a really "NEAT" idea or suggestion I think that the bench should make a comeback to "Track 10" at least.


Well I can only hope :)


Love the group and music :)

© 2005 Universal Music


Last To Know - Just Because Of You - Single Edit - Here We Go - Jesus - Senorita - Maria Single Edit - I Can't Sleep - Spell On Me - Your Love - The Day You Cried - Let It Go - Say La, La, La - One Of Us

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Introducing Double P!

© Copyright 2003 by V-MUSIC

There URL:


Track 1 Sex and Rum
Track 2 Smooth Tonight

That is all I have to say check out their single from their site!

Well I like their two songs :) Imagine their music in Bodypump :) well we have had "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" and those tracks are def fun :) they remind me of Captain Jack. I love Captain Jack songs in Bodypump ) from the 30's series of Bodypump :) The Race is an outstanding track :)

Enjoy :)

Direct from Europe Phillipe!

© Copyright 2003 by V-MUSIC

Hi announcing the arrival of Phillipe from Germany, just love his music :) Warum is his first single out.

His music is in Deutch (German) :) His debut CD is due February 2006 :)\

Check his site please :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Melanie Thornton - La Bouche a blast from the past!

Melanie Thornton used to be in a group called La Bouche after La Bouche finished up she embarked on a solo career and has had several chart (dance hits.) across Europe.

Bodypump Fact File:

2 BP 19 Sweet Dreams La Bouche
4 BP 19 Tonight Is The Night La Bouche
9 BP 22 Bolingo La Bouche
4 BP 23 I Love to Love La Bouche
4 BP 47 In Your Life La Bouche
9 BP 48 RW Bolingo La Bouche

Bolingo were also a crowd favorite and I think I Love to Love You is one of the best track 4's ever :)

Melanie is a wonderful singer and if you go to her site you can check out her music and her latest single Wonderful Dream if you loved their gear in Bodypump then you will like the music of Melanie Thornton :)

US5 PART 2 2006 PART 1 2005!

Towards the middle of 2005 the site featured US5 and their international chart success. Well they are back and now with a few new songs.

Us5 are just simply the best :)

I Can't Sleep - Maria - Just because of You - Last to Know - One Night Stand - Here we Go and Come back to me Baby are there also to listen to.

"Just Because of You" is charting well across the world their previous hit was "Maria" a great track from last year.

They have updated their website so check out what the guys have been doing since the last time they appeared here :)

See the last blog entry of the guys here!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another year older!

Life begins in your 40's and let no one tell you any different. The 30's went on forever, the 20's were outstanding, the 40's are just simply the best :)

Kevin Lyttle

© 2004 Atlantic/Wea

Check the mans site out outstanding music the music would def rock in Bodyjam :)

1. Turn Me On 2. Last Drop (Featuring Spragga Benz) 3. Wanna Make U Cry 4. If You Want Me (Call Me) 5. I Got It 6. Sign Your Name 7. Screaming Out My Name (Featuring Assassin) 8. My Lady 9. Ya Kiss 10. Dance With Me 11. Dancing Like Making Love 12. My Love 13. Mama Mia (Featuring Spragga Benz) 14. Turn Me On (Featuring Spragga Benz) 15. Turn Me On (Remix) 16. Bonus Track 1

There is an awesome version of Terence Trent D'Arby Sign Your Name which would be an awesome track in Bodybalance/Flow/Healing :)

Check out his music :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boyzone reforming?

I heard that my alltime favorite group "Boyzone" are about to do a live tour of the UK. It was reported that Stephen and Ronan had a talk at "Elton John's" wedding and he siad that Ronan was def in for it.

If that happens maybe a Boyzone CD might not be far off?

Ronan has "If Tomorrow Never Comes" Bodypump 44 an outstanding Bodypump.

With an outstanding track list:

01 BP 44 If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating
02 BP 44 Don't You Want Me - Alcazar
03 BP 44 Smooth Criminal Alien - Ant Farm

There was tons of controversy over track 3 of Bodypump 44, for those who can remember it :) people were complaining about the rep rate and the whole track. It was a funny thing seeing the topic unflod and see what developed. :)

04 BP 44 Heaven - DJ Sammy
05 BP 44 Runaway - Piece Suit
06 BP 44 Nod Ya Head - Will Smith
07 BP 44 Something - Lasgo
08 BP 44 The Hitman- AB Logic
09 BP 44 Just A Little - Liberty X
10 BP 44 Caruso - Russell Watson

One of the Best Bodypumps ever in Bodypump History :)

And from Bodybalance "The Last Thing on My Mind" track 7 from release 30 :)

The one and only Shayne Ward from X-Factor!

© 2005 Sony/BMG UK

Shayne Ward won X-Factor 2005. He has scored a number 1 single in the UK with Thats My Goal, his debut CD will be in stores early this year (March 2006.)

Shayne's single is a chart topper breaking all records for number of units sold in a single week.


1. That's My Goal(1st single out.)
2. If You're Not The One (Daniel Bedingfield.) (X Factor.)
3. Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx.) (X Factor.)

His second single is due out the end of January 2006.

To keep up to date with everything Shayne:


Thats My Goal is a outstanding song. His vocal depth is amazing and he is going to rock the music world in 2006. Congratulations to Shayne for winning X Factor 2005.

Now waiting for his debut CD in March 2006 via Sony/BMG UK.

You can hear and watch the video for the CD from his website.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Did not know this about Bodypump?

Had no idea that "Bodypump" came to Australia in 1995.

Peter Manuel and Steve Renata trained the very first Bodypump Instuctors outside of New Zealand here. If you think the Instructor Challenge today is brutal by what I have been told it was even more harder back in 1995.

Bodypump was created in 1992 so that makes 3-years after New Zealand launched "Bodypump"

Thats why we got "The Best of Bodypump 48".

Also we got something special a keyring "Bodypump 50" Special Release.

So that would make our first PUMP release 15 or there abouts.

I thought it Bodypump came to Australia in 1996.

So that would make Bodypump 10 years old in Australia.

You learn something new everyday :)

Bodypump 57 4 weeks to go!

Read that some places this month launch Bodypump 56 wow. We have had it for well over 2 months now.

Bodypump 56 is a feel good Bodypump, people have been raving about this release. Must admit one thing that Bodypump 55 is a hard core Bodypump I loved Bodypump 55 and still to this day think that release 55 is outstanding.

So what made Bodypump 56 a huge success?

It began with an outstanding track 1 "I Believe" which made us all feel good.

Track 2 "Voodoo Child" is a chart topper where I am from and Rouge Traders have had massive airplay with this track which means that everyone knows the track which means "instant appeal".

Track 3 "She Drives Me Crazy" appeals to generation X and Y. It is a flashback track and we all knew the track from the 80's. It also is a good sing-along track as well which makes it even more appealing to the class members and instructors.

Track 4 "Why" was a hit another flashback up-dated and recovered by DJ Sammy. I was shocked to learn that the song was not sung by "Annie Lennox" in this version.

Track 5 "Satisfaction" the track brings back "kickbacks" which is also a crowd pleasers. "Stranger in My House" also has them and was a huge success where I am from.

Track 6 "Gonna Make You Sweat" was a huge hit in the 80's and appeals to generation X and Y. Who would have thought that C & C would make a huge Biceps track. It worked and worked well. It is one of the best track 6's ever. IMO.

Track 7 "Wonderful Life" wow less complicated but more dynamic in so many ways it is also a remake of a 80's track by "Black" which also appeals to generation X and Y.

Track 8 "I Like the Way" was an instant hit around the world and is a chart topper in 2005. It appeals to everyone and has tons of airplay a real feelgood track.

Track 9 "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" was a huge hit for "Culture Club" it was their first hit ever from "Kissing to Be Clever" it also appeals to generation X. When Boy George came on the scene music changed forever.

Track 10 "Angles" according to Robbie Williams defined his career and made him a start. The track was a huge hit all around the world and appeals to everyone. I don't know one person who does not like "Angles"

Track 11 "Spirit in the Sky" was a huge hit in 1973 and was remade by "Dr and the Medics" in the 1980's which also appeals to generation X. Gareth made it a hit again about two years ago. It still has universal appeal.

So where am I going?

What makes "Bodypump 56" a success?

Familiar tunes that we all know. Music that crosses across generations a bit of a nostalgic trip back to the past splashed with some hits from today.

I am from generation X and it is a wonderful trip back to the past and remembering good songs - good times and the 80's. Hearing "She Drives Me Crazy" "Gonna Make You Sweat" "Wonderful Life" "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" again was a warm and fuzzy feeling and remembering the music and artists that were around back then made "Bodypump 56" an outstanding release indeed!

"Bodypump 57" by looking at what is coming up is filled with tracks and music of today.

You truly go from one spectrum to another with "Bodypump" :)

Awesome work Michael :)


Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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